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Planning Application (Case Study)

Make Planning and Reporting more flexible and efficient

Manual planning processes with ERP and Excel are outdated. A BI solution can help make planning and reporting more flexible and efficient. This eBook documents a successful BI implementation at a midsize company. Alexander Bürkle, a supplier of wholesale electronics and technology services, replaced its previous planning system based on ERP and Excel with a BI platform from Jedox. The software’s program modules support the planning process through individual P&L positions for revenue and cost planning. It also addresses the unique requirements of wholesale or industrial companies with regard to cost of sales, gross margin, HR expenses, and material costs.

Implement your new BI Solution successfully

  • Supporting planning process through individual P&L positions for revenue and cost planning
  • New demands on planning and reporting
  • Selecting a suitable BI system
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Planning support for cost center managers
  • How to build an successful BI implementation
  • Collaborative planning process with workflow and approvals

This case study explores the initial situation at the company, requirements for a new solution, implementation of the BI system, and the resulting changes in the planning process. It also examines the lessons learned during the project and the benefits of the new solution.

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