Your AI Journey, Part 1 - Building the Foundations for AI and Machine Learning

24TH JULY 2024 AT 1PM

Join Data Technology to learn about the prerequisites that allow companies to make use of AI and Machine Learning at a time when it’s more important than ever.

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While AI’s potential benefits are well-known, how you take your first steps into the world of automation and Machine Learning isn’t obvious.

Wherever we look today, we hear that it’s crucial for businesses to harness AI to remain competitive, but the journey is far from clear when it comes to taking action.

This webinar is the first in a series designed to guide you through the initial steps of a successful journey into Machine Learning (ML). This session will explore aspects such as data strategy, integration, and warehousing, ensuring you have a solid foundation for all your ML projects. Whether you're starting out or looking to hone your current approach, this webinar will help you:

Understand your motivation

Discover how AI could benefit your business and learn how to commit to the journey with confidence.


Ensure your data is ready

Learn the essentials of preparing your data for AI and ML, including:

  • Ensuring your data is up-to-date, complete, and accurate
  • The journey to housing your data in a warehouse that facilitates analytics and AI
  • Transforming your data from creation to analytics/AI readiness


Expand your Data Strategy

Understand how you can harvest more data from a wider range of sources to further enrich your company data, allowing the building of more powerful predictive capabilities.


Educate and brief your team

Uncover strategies to ensure team buy-in and make their transition to an AI-enhanced business as smooth as possible. We'll discuss:

  • The complexities of building and optimising models versus the simplicity of using them
  • Training requirements for your team
  • Educating your business on use case formation to identify potential AI applications
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Date: 24th July | Time: 1 pm

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