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Engineer Balanced Scorecard for collaboration and discussion

“The data and insight provided by the Balanced Scorecard has enabled us to hold powerful feedback and coaching sessions with a forward-thinking mindset, to raise the bar and continuously improve performance. We operate a ‘Leading Excellence’ masterclass for all our leadership team levels to ensure all can understand and interpret the information on the Balanced Scorecard – which has supported its adoption across HomeServe’s field operations.

As with any data and insight its only as good as the people using it so workshops and training has been pivotal in the success of the Scorecard. Engineers and service excellence managers have embraced the Qlik solution which enables them to focus on quality conversations with sustained and visible performance metrics, rather than just individual and traditional job reviews. As safety is paramount for HomeServe and our engineers, an additional metric was introduced onto the scorecard to assess driver behaviour. The inclusion of this piece of data further enhanced conversations around safer driving, helping to reduce accidents and fuel consumption. Our work with Qlik in creating, building and evolving the Balanced Scorecard is pivotal in our step-change approach to becoming more data-driven, as part of our Data Transformation strategy.”

– Martin Holloway, Field Operations Director, HomeServe


To deliver a data-driven strategy for successful business outcomes with meaningful insight, through a solution that includes the ability to analyse and visualise Engineer performance through ‘lead’ indicators. Insight into performance against these broader measures allows HomeServe the actionable intelligence and capability to effectively change ‘lag’ indicators like Trust Pilot scores.


Qlik Engineer Balanced Scorecard for 1000 engineers to track their progress through a number of measures which illustrate complete performance against peers. Managers have daily visibility of individual and regional data in key areas: Completed jobs per day, Customer satisfaction via Rant & Rave scores, re-attends (where an issue wasn’t solved in the first visit), first visit fix and complaints received.


More complete performance visibility provides the basis for coaching and meaningful conversations between Engineers and their line managers. Trends in Engineer performance can be measured without individual job anomalies distorting results, giving a more accurate picture of overall performance. Results include a reduction in levels of Customer dissatisfaction with Trust Pilot score reaching 8.6 for the first time. Better quality conversations as manager’s time not spent chasing errors or explanations for incentive payments, but concentrated on true performance drivers, leading to increased Customer satisfaction and experience.

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