The Journey towards BI Excellence

Data Analystics optimise company performance and customer satisfaction

“With our analytic capability we are helping the National Express UK business to understand how well we’re delivering our service to our customers, making sure that we have the right network and we are delivering a good experience.

Working with Data Technology and Qlik is enabling us to really show the business how we’re performing in all those spaces. For example, people in our planning and commercial teams have the information that they need in a really concise, clear way that enables them to make the decisions that, in the past have taken days and even weeks at times.

Often users can’t believe that we’re showing them the same data that they’ve always had, as the way in which we’ve been able to present that data, and the flexibility of freedom we’re giving them with that data, has enabled them to get far deeper insights than ever before. This actionable insight allows users to understand the operation that they’re delivering out to our customers, which and by return, allows us to identify areas of best practice and areas for opportunity.”

– Frank Kozurek, Director of Business Intelligence UK, National Express Coach


As the UK’s largest scheduled coach operator and urban bus provider outside of London, the need for a BI and data analytics platform was driven by critical business process and performance factors.

Historical challenges included manual reporting from various data siloes, limited insights due to reports showing only one aspect of company performance with limited flexibility and analytical capabilities, and an overall high ‘event-to-action’ latency. To solve these challenges the company set out to deliver BI as a service.


Data Technology worked alongside National Express to deploy QlikView into the UK Coach division in 2013. QlikView Extranet was added in 2016, to support UK Coach partner operators.

The success of the platform led to the desire to create a UK BI Centre of Excellence, and as a result Qlik Sense was deployed in the UK Bus division in 2018.  2019 saw the migration of UK Coach onto Qlik Sense providing a common set of tools and technologies deployed across all UK divisions and partners.

  • True self-service approach with analytics at the user level
  • Operational performance and standards for c45 external partner operators
  • Network optimization from understanding passenger movements
  • Revenue growth from understanding product performance
  • Pro-active approach to driving quality and standards supporting the focus on safety
  • Customer satisfaction improvements through post journey survey analysis

About National Express

National Express Group is a leading public transport operator with bus, coach and rail services in the UK, Continental Europe, North Africa, North America and the Middle East. Passengers made 882 million journeys on our services in 2017.

National Express operates safe, reliable, convenient and good value public transportation services. We do this in both regulated and unregulated markets, and provide services to our customers who are private individuals, companies, school boards or public authorities.

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