National Express enables it's employees

to unlock data insights

“Qlik is our central and self-service BI platform. Qlik has allowed us to deliver a true step change in our Business Intelligence. Solutions can be delivered at pace in a tool which our business users find intuitive and easy to use, providing a level of insight which is helping us to improve the experience for our customers and keep ahead of the competition”

– Frank Kozurek, Director of Business Intelligence, National Express Coach

  • Delivering better insight and analytics to the business
  • Pulling together data from disparate data sources to achieve a holistic view of the business
  • Access to near real-time data from multiple sources
  • Needed to share data across several business partners
  • Ability to analyse whilst on the move using mobile technology
  • Volumes of data proved too difficult for the current tool-set
  • Deploying Qlik across key functions within the business
  • Leveraging Qlik to aggregate data from a variety of systems handling large volumes of data (several 100’s of millions of records)
  • Rapidly deploying Qlik has enabled a significant percentage of a new BI strategy to be delivered in 5 months Sales Analysis: By combining sales data in Qlik with Geo Analytics, and are able to more effectively analyse the performance of the route network and sales channels
  • Share performance data across the network with partners
  • Deployed Revenue Protection applications
  • The data is now joined up, timely, accurate and is easily interpret-able by the users
  • Qlik has helped National Express Coach to realise a true self-service approach which has delivered analytics back to the users
  • National Express Coach has created a system which is not only improving customer experience but is also driving revenue and margins

About National Express

National Express Group is a leading public transport operator with bus, coach and rail services in the UK, Continental Europe, North Africa, North America and the Middle East. Passengers made 882 million journeys on our services in 2017.

National Express operates safe, reliable, convenient and good value public transportation services. We do this in both regulated and unregulated markets, and provide services to our customers who are private individuals, companies, school boards or public authorities.

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