Data Analytics and Accuracy

Data-to-information flow efficiency and literacy with Qlik

“Data Technology have really helped us deliver Qlik apps and evolve our data analytics platform. Our engagement with them has been supporting installation, upgrades, and training; which we continue to view as a valuable working partnership. Our GM’S love it, the best IT introduction they’ve had at Priority Freight.

Qlik Sense has made data analytics and literacy a lot quicker, simpler and more streamlined. There has been substantial time saving moving away from spreadsheets with reduced days spent on generating reports and more focus on data accuracy and evidence. The data to information flow is extremely quick and has paid substantial dividends, allowing Priority Freight as a company to focus on maximising our customer relationships, supplier management process and earning related activities.”

– Ian Chapman, CFO, Priority Freight


Priority Freight is a leading time-critical freight transport and logistics specialist, handling complex and urgent international transport. As non-IT mature, the company wanted an analytics platform with data accuracy to add value to business operations quickly and efficiently, with simplicity and agility to develop and deliver apps, and evolve.


Data Technology consulting helped to deliver Qlik Sense with apps linking to an internal Transport Management System, Salesforce and other external sources. Apps have and are being delivered to key areas such as: job analytics and monitoring, and client sales analysis. Also, a suite of KPIs has been rolled out with Qlik.

  • Real time job monitoring
  • Route and cost efficiency analysis
  • Improved understanding of commitment vs conversion
  • Daily Manager dashboard driving a consistent approach to
    measurement and action of key business improvement areas
  • Daily results and forecast dashboard

About Priority Freight

Priority Freight is a leading global logistics company providing expedited transport services to the highest of standards to numerous market-leading international companies, across multiple industry sectors.

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