Data Strategy

Implement quick wins and create a scalable strategy that aligns to strategic business goals.

Removing data silos and streamlining data collection and sharing
Creating clear vision and goals for data management and use
Establishing clear processes for data management
Setting data governance and security practices


The core role of your data strategy is to provide your business with actionable intelligence.

A good data strategy will always underpin your business strategy. It guarantees your data is managed, accessed, processed, optimally stored, engineered, secured, and valued just like other key assets in your business. By providing a clearly defined set of goals and objectives, we can help you use your data efficiently and maximise value to your business.

With Data Technology’s Value Engineering methodology, your business can realise enhanced and comprehensive insights to meet the demands of optimising current processes, such as:

  • Fostering strategic decision-making using enhanced modelling
  • Identifying areas for growth and efficiency
  • Aligning all aspects of your current architecture with the objectives of your business
  • Unifying and centralising all data sources for secure and reliable, trusted intelligence

Problems we help solve


Case Study


Homeserve were in need of a data-driven strategy with meaningful insight which includes the ability to analyse and visualise engineer performance through ‘lead’ indicators. Greater knowledge of performance against these broader measures allows HomeServe to effectively change ‘lag’ indicators like Trust Pilot scores.

Whether you have a use case in mind or want to explore the art of the possible, schedule a call with one of our lead Data Specialists for a 30-minute chat.