As a leading Quick Service Restaurant brand, a high-calibre end-to-end supply chain is critical for success. The European supply chain team is responsible for the product journey and field-to-fork performance. With six markets, ten distribution centres and three hundred suppliers, accurate collection of data from multiple sources is essential. Once collected, this information needs to be presented in a way that will drive performance.


Data is now received directly from the distribution network in 6 business units and multiple internal databases. Supply chains then inherit a transparent view of performance against all KPIs separated into individual functional dashboards: procurement, food safety, and quality assurance. 



An improvement in performance transparency within the supply chain forged their position as the global innovator within the organisation and created confidence with internal and external stakeholders, including 200 franchisees. This single point of reference is the basis for business planning and prioritisation; its efficiency comes from eliminating wasted resources that can be reallocated, helping drive brand growth.

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